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Face wash is a Specially Formulated 100% soap free gentle cleanser which Cleanses excess sebum (oil), dirt and dead skin cells. Tea Tree oil ensures anti – bacterial action against bacteria common to pimple prone skin. This Facewash also has a breakthrough innovation like pimple care globules that you can actually see penetrating in your skin while you wash your face, ensuring proper delivery of pimple care active ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil Anti Acne, Fights dryness and itchiness
Pro Vitamin B5 Moisturising, Soothing, healing and Rejuvenation of skin
Vitamin E Maintains youthfulness of skin, Hydration, Antioxidant
Aloe Vera Extract Moisturising, Anti inflammatory, Reduces acne, Skin lightening, Reduces skin tan, Fights sun burn
Salicylic Acid Anti acne, Removes dead skin cells
Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate and Copper Gluconate Chrono energizing effect – Stimulates cell respiration and synthesis of cell energy mediators
Glycolic Acid Removes dead skin cells


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